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Kimberly Lynn

Laguna Beach, California is known for its stunning secluded beach coves, galleries, and art festivals that delight the hearts and minds of its visitors. This inspirational beach town was the birthplace of Kimberly Lynn Accessories.

First conceptualized by a father-daughter design team, this innovative fashion line now offers a variety of top-quality leather accessories and an exquisite selection of artistic adornments. Kimberly Lynn Accessories features the world’s most versatile handbag, which remarkably converts into 10 different styles.

Cary Kraft is an award winning designer with more than 40 years’ experience creating accessories for many of the top brands in the world. His daughter Kimberly Lynn Kraft spent her early life learning about art and design from him in Laguna Beach, inspiring her to create her own fashion line.  She envisioned a timeless collection of luxurious leather goods and silver antique embellishments, which can be customized by the consumer to fit their specific taste.

Kimberly Lynn Accessories emboldens women with a way to express their individuality by designing it as they like it. Our interactive online design studio offers limitless options to design your own customized collection of handbags, wallets, belts and jewelry. So get creative and celebrate your unique self!

Design Your Own Accessories

Kimberly Lynn Accessories encourages women to express their individuality. Our unique design studios offer limitless options to build your own customized collections of handbags, wallets, belts and jewelry. So design it as you like it to celebrate your unique self!

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